Snow White

A low-cost chilled-mirror hygrometer for radiosondes

updated, February 2004

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Reference papers on Snow White

01. Fujiwara, M., M. Shiotani, F. Hasebe, H. Voemel, S. J. Oltmans, P. W. Ruppert, T. Horinouchi, and T. Tsuda,
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Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 20, 1534-1542, 2003. [JTECH]

02. Voemel, H., M. Fujiwara, M. Shiotani, F. Hasebe, S. J. Oltmans, and J. E. Barnes,
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[1] General Information on meteolabor AG and Snow White

[2] Special Model "SOWER-Snow White"

[3] Radiosonde System Utilizing TMAX-C Interface Board and Vaisala RS80-15(A/H)

[4] SOWER Activities and Some Preliminary Results

[5] Remaining Problems and Modification Plan

Other Information

01. Surinam in October 2002

02. Sapporo-EES results in June-August 2003

03. Meteolabor's new radiosonde system (ARGUS37 & SRS-C34) (September 2003)

04. Modification to Night Type (Jan. 2004 version)

05. Snow White Assembly Manual (Feb. 2004 version) [ MS-WORD (9MB) ] and Check Sheet [ Page 1/2 (PDF-44kB) , Page 2/2 (PDF-14kB) ]

Masatomo Fujiwara
Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, Japan
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