Meteolabor's new radiosonde system (ARGUS37 & SRS-C34)

September 2003

ARGUS37 is the modulator and initializer for Meteolabor's computer-equipped SRS-C34 radiosonde.

SRS-C34 is equipped with :
the thermocouple thermometer for air temperature measurement;
the hypsometer for air pressure measurement;
and the carbon hygrister and Snow White for humidity measurement.

ECC ozonesonde, Snow White's house-keeping data, and any other sensors can be attached/obtained.

  • A Quick Operation Manual
  • Set up the antenna and preamplifier outside.

  • Set up the receiving system and SRS-C34 (Snow White attached).

  • Set up the hypsometer (water with a syringe & jumper pin JP1).

  • Install the carbon hygrister (the black plate in the upper part).

  • Check the status on the software.

  • Set the batteries for SRS-C34 and for Snow White.

  • Launch.

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