Operating Systems for Snow White

SOWER is currently using the so-called TMAX system.

In this system, Vaisala RS80-15 or RS80-15H radiosonde is modified and used as the PTU sensors and the transmitter. The TMAX-C interface board processes the data from Snow White, En-Sci ozonesonde (1Z ECC), and RS80 PTU, and sends them to the RS80 transmitter.

The ground receiving system consists of a 400-MHz antenna with an amplifier, receiver (e.g., icom IC-R8500), modem (Kantronics KAM98), and PC. An MS-DOS based software STRATO.EXE developed by Dr. Holger Voemel is used as the PC software.

Operation Manuals (Aug-Sep 2004 version; MS Word)

  1. Observation checksheet [53kB]
  2. Ozonesonde preparation manual [87kB]
  3. KI-solution preparation manual [16kB]
  4. RS80 modification manual [170kB]
  5. SW-TMAX connection manual [54kB]
  6. SW air inlet tube preparation manual [3.4MB]
  7. Assembly-flight manual [980kB]

For soundings without ozonesonde, click here (for Paramaribo, Surinam).

Manuals written in Japanese may be found at H. Takashima's website and at F. Hasebe's website.
Manual (in Japanese) for making SW air inlet tube is here.
Manual (in Japanese) for preparing day-type Snow White is here.
A previous version of the assembly manual is here.

Setup instruction for KAM98 modem

Operation manual for MD data backup recorder

Gas amount calculations for TOTEX balloons

A list of the necessary items

The Meteolabor Argus system is also available to operate the Snow White hygrometer.

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