SOWER Galapagos Meeting, July 2004

Nature in Galapagos

Last Update: June 8, 2004

Since much of our scientific interest is related to the atmospheric environment, you should not miss the opportunity to watch how the nature in Galapagos is affected by human activities, and how people are working to preserve it by your own eyes on your visit at San Cristobal. Within the tight schedule of the Meeting, it is suggested to visit at El Cerro Tijeretas after your visit at the Interpretation Center on Saturday. You'll be able to have a whole view of Puerto Baqueriso Moreno and Leon Dormido. It is also recommended to visit at La Playa Loberia on Sunday after you observe the ozone and Snow White sonde launch. You'll be able to see iguanas, sea lions etc. Be dressed with a swimsuit to enjoy swimming with sea lions.
To make this rare opportunity more rewarding, three hand-made tours in San Cristobal are proposed on Wednesday, July 14. Any course is subject to cancellation depending on the number of participants. Each course could be modified upon agreement of participating members. The cost should be shared by participating individuals by dividing the total cost with the number of participants. Early expression of your intention is requested for making reservation. Please write your choice to
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